Worst Comic-Con Yet

Oh, it’s gotten a lot bigger in recent years, but the San Diego Comic-Con has gotten more and more weird since they opened the doors to all manner of movies and TV shows.

I mean, this morning’s session with Martha Stewart was pretty bad, even if she was baking cupcakes she said were “out of this world.”

The 10th anniversary “Dora the Explorer” panel didn’t have much going for it. Boots was very forthcoming with the Q&A. Seats were plentiful. That was about it.

I took a seat early for a panel for what I thought was a panel for “Doctor Who” or at least “Doctor Doom.” Turned out it was for “Doctor Oz,” and there were still a lot of fantasy people there (in costume!) because of the Oz connection. (Still, many received useful medical advice).

The worst one was for the last panel of the day. Something about world domination or world class or something. Turns out it was “World News with Diane Sawyer.” Didn’t even stay for an autograph.

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