Our Regular Coverage is on Hiatus

brokenTVTV shows can do it; TV columns can do it too.

The daily blog of largely daily television highlights that I’ve been writing every day for maybe a decade takes a three week break beginning today as we take a big Eastern European tour to celebrate various graduations, birthdays and summer.

I regret I will not be on the scene to report to you firsthand new shows like “Devious Maids” and whoever the hell is on Letterman. But we all needed a break. Seeing that the wifi is actually working, though, I may be filing from time to time — firsthand reports from the Istanbul uprising (things seem quiet so far) and the various highlights of Turkish TV once I ever get the cable here to work.

Or random reviews of DVDs I did bring along because I didn’t go entirely cold turkey. And am sort of curious about “Under the Dome” and the new season of “True Blood.”

I’ll be back in time for Independence Day and, later in July, the annual TV Critics Association summer press tour.  I hope you’ll be back too.


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