Turkey Update: Safe in the Caves

caveHotelFor any of those who may concerned about our time in Istanbul during its unrest, first reported here and now migrated to the Washington Post, I’m happy to say we’ve retreated far into the country’s interior by now. By that I mean caves.

In a charming town named Goerme in the central Turkish region known as Cappadocia, we are staying in one of the many places here advertised to be cave dwellings. The striking  , pointed rock formations here derived from lava have served for centuries as dwellings, and there are odd square windows and carved out interiors that approximate rooms.

Many of the pensions here have their rooms more squared off, but the most authentic of them still have carving from rock on walls and in some cases furniture. You have have complained about beds hard as rock, but here are some made of them. They’re comfy (with a mattress) but the rooms can seem a little clammy and damp. They are caves after all.

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