Report from The Beach

beachThe weather has been odd this summer on the Outer Banks.

In a season when heat and humidity doesn’t quite describe the intensity of summer in Washington D.C. (where the newly purchased porch furniture went pretty much unused), the week began warm out here on the edge of North Carolina too.

Then it got real cloudy and cool. In the 70s with a blowing wind. Kind of like a dank November day, atmospheric in its way but nothing we actually packed for.

Good thing, I guess, that I got the big sunburn the first day and let it settle throughout the week. Traffic was about as bad coming in on Saturday as I’ve ever seen it. Bumper to bumper for miles. The local radio stations had traffic reports that I swear were pre-recorded and are just rerun all season (“Be patient, stay alert!”).

The terrible traffic might be expected in and off the Outer Banks on the day when most weekly rental switch, but I got caught in a midweek mid day jam down Highway 12 that made the 10 miles to Duck more like an hour.

Things could be worse, of course. Vacation is just as good sitting around the house and hearing the ocean than being alongside the shore and having the sand whip you in the face. Time to catch up on reading and some TV. Normally I’d bring highlights of the fall season for entertainment, but having experienced none, we watched the whole of BBC’s excellent “Broadchurch” and even know who the killer is.

That and were told hurricane season is off to a slow start around here. So there’s that.

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