Tuesday TV: Behind the China Trade Mess

U.S. President Trump Visits ChinaSometimes, the reports on “Frontline” (PBS, 10 p.m., check local listings) are so prescient, they illuminate what’s happening in the headlines that moment. The one tonight on the trade war between the U.S. and China, years in the making, surfaces at a time when imposed tariffs are again causing economic waves days before a White House summit. There’s a peek inside the chaotic meetings that set policy (in part from people like Steve Bannon) and a look back at how Trump characterized the world’s largest country (“rapists” was a word used, but he has a limited vocabulary).

“Foster” (HBO, 8 p.m.), a new documentary by Deborah Oppenheimer and Mark Jonathan Harris, takes a detailed look at the fraught foster care system in Los Angeles County.

The latest crop of women who become focus of a glossy reality series are Mexican-Americans who live in San Antonio. “Texicanas” (Bravo, 10 p.m.), which begins on a Cinco de Mayo party (presumably from last year) may show that women here battle over petty snubs, charity events and gossip, just like “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (Bravo, 9 p.m) or from anywhere else in the U.S.

A 1973 beach house retreat in Southhampton is meant for relaxation for Bob on “Fosse / Verdon” (FX, 10 p.m.), but he spends the time mulling whether he’ll do “Lenny” or “Chicago.”

“The Voice” (NBC, 9 p.m.) shaves down the Top 13.

Scarlet is hacked on “The Bold Type” (Freeform, 8 p.m.).

“The Flash” (CW, 8 p.m.) is threatened by a virus from Cicada II.

Nick visits an old haunt on “The Village” (NBC, 8 p.m.).

Peggy pressures Mike to get more professional recognition on “The Kids Are Alright” (ABC, 8:30 p.m.).

The Top 10 on “MasterChef Junior” (Fox, 8 p.m.) have to impress a restaurant full of VIP women.

Think of it as a Mother’s Day episode of “Intervention” (A&E, 8 p.m.) focusing on opioid-addicted mom.

Tyler Perry’s soapy “The Haves and Have Nots” (OWN, 9 p.m.) returns for a sixth season.

 “Ladies Night” (BET, 10 p.m.) features a Salt N’ Pepa and SWV tour.

Pride and Lasalle look to free a kidnapped agent in South Ossetia on “NCIS: New Orleans” (CBS, 10 p.m.).

On “New Amsterdam” (NBC, 10 p.m.), Max finds a new plan for hospital patients without insurance.

The team on “Lost Gold of World War II” (History, 10 p.m.) think a tunnel might help their search.

Katie doesn’t like Anna-Kat’s new best friend on “American Housewife” (ABC, 8 p.m.).

“NCIS” (CBS, 8 p.m.) finds a government bak account funding vigilantes.

Predators are targeting their chickens on “Bless This Mess” (ABC, 9 p.m.).

“Deadliest Catch” (Discovery, 9 p.m.) is rocked by huge waves.

A murdered agent turns out to have had a double life on “FBI” (CBS, 9 p.m.).

“The 100” (CW, 9 p.m.) fights a threat on the new planet.

Turner Classic Movies presents a series of “meet cute” romances Tuesday nights this month, starting in the 1930s with “It Happened One Night” (8 p.m.), “Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife” (10 p.m.), “My Man Godfrey” (11:4 p.m.), “Bringing Up Baby” (1:30 a.m.), “Rafter Romance” (3:30 a.m.) and “Petticoat Fever” (5 a.m.).

During the day, Gary Cooper, born this day in 1901, is featured in the documentary “Gary Cooper: American Life, Legend” (8 a.m.) and his roles in “One Sunday Afternoon” (9 a.m.), “Friendly Persuasion” (10:15 a.m.), “A Farewell to Arms” (12:45 p.m.), “Dallas” (2:15 p.m.), “The Hanging Tree” (4 p.m.) and “The Wreck of the Mary Deare” (6 p.m.).

NBA playoffs have Philadelphia at Toronto (TNT, 8 p.m.) and Portland at Denver (TNT, 10:30 p.m.).

Stanley Cup playoffs have Dallas at St. Louis (NBC Sports, 8 p.m.) in Game 7.

Baseball includes Philadelphia at St. Louis (MLB, 7:45 p.m.).

College baseball includes Vanderbilt at Louisville (ESPNU, 7 p.m.).

Daytime Talk

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest: Will Smith, RuPaul, Meaghan Murphy. The View: Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Common. The Talk: David James Elliott. Ellen DeGeneres: Jake Gyllenhaal, Henry Winkler. Wendy Williams: Bevy Smith, Robert Verdi, Lloyd Boston, Jorge Cruise. The Real: Brian White.

Late Talk

Stephen Colbert: Anne Hathaway, Ari Melber. Jimmy Kimmel: George Clooney, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Pink Sweat$. Jimmy Fallon: Amy Poehler, Ryan Eggold, Vampire Weekend. Seth Meyers: Taraji P. Henson, Meghan McCain, Arizona, Phillip Fisher. James Corden: Jamie Bell, Ginnifer Goodwin, Tom Odell. Carson Daly: Baron Vaughn, Open Mike Eagle, Feels, Kimrie Lewis. Trevor Noah: Valerie Jarrett. Conan O’Brien: Liam Cunningham.

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