Other Things I’ve Written Lately

TwentyHere are some other things I’ve written lately for other outlets:

  • A survey of 20 new exhibits to see in 2020 at various Smithsonian Museums.
  • A dance review of the National Ballet of Canada’s recent visit at the Kennedy Center.
  • A Q&A with Sergio Mendes for The Vinyl District.
  • Alex Trebek holds forth at the TV Critics Association amid the Championship series.
  • A rare look at a Danish masterwork painting about an artists’ colony that had echoes in the U.S., for SmithsonianMagazine.com
  • A review of a Washington Theatre Guild play about a couple that meets on Bloomsday.
  • A report on plans for FX network, from the TV Critics Association winter tour, for TV Worth Watching.
  • Listing the 10 splashiest acquisitions by the Smithsonian Museums in 2019.
  • A review of a South African dance group making its debut at the Kennedy Center, with music from Ravel.
  • Hillary Clinton takes questions at the TV Critics Association press tour, in advance of a Hulu documentary on her life.
  • A review of a two person play at the Taffety Punk theater group about the love letters of Chekhov.
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