Other Things I’ve Written Recently

Here are a few things I’ve written lately elsewhere:

A preview of what the future holds for television this fall for AARP the Magazine.

Suggestions for the best space and flight artifacts to see at the Udvar-Hazy Center now that it’s the first of the Smithsonian museums to reopen after the pandemic shutdowns. 

A review of the new documentary about The Go-Go’s, coming to Showtime Aug. 1, for The Vinyl District. 

A look at some of the best art in Smithsonian museums reflecting the theme of Father’s Day, for Smithsonian Magazine.com.

The premiere of a new cover of a lesser known Monkees tune by Honey Radar for the Vinyl District.

The debut of a timely song from Nashville’s India Ramey. 

A similarly political video premiere of the Roadside Bandits new single for The Vinyl District. 

Because there hasn’t been any live music in months, the Vinyl District has been printing some old reviews, including this one I did of David Byrne in 2015 that later became the basis of the Broadway success “American Utopia.”  

Likewise, Smithsonian Magazine.com dug up this 2015 piece I did on Washington’s struggle for voting rights, in light of recent legislation to make D.C. the 51st state.

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