Wednesday TV: Reliving the Insurgency

As right wing gaslighters increasingly pretend the attempted insurrection of Jan. 6 didn’t happen, wasn’t as bad as the media says, or isn’t worth Steve Bannon’s time to testify about, it’s helpful to see the full fury of the day in the new documentary “Four Hours at the Capitol” (HBO, 8 p.m.). The footage you know is maddening and tough to see again, but the footage you haven’t heard may be more eye-opening at how close things came to being much, much worse than the deadly event it was. Jamie Roberts’ film even has some uplift to it — following the efforts of outnumbered D.C. police holding the line at one crucial entry. Having it on HBO means no bleeping, but cussing is the least of the obscenity of the insurrectionists, who in interviews are still as dopily deluded.

Another documentary premiering today, Amanda Lipitz’s “Found” (Netflix, streamings) tells the story of three adopted teens who discover they are blood-related cousins, so they travel to China together to find answers. 

The new horror film “Night Teeth” (Netflix, streaming) concerns a chauffeur who makes the mistake of picking up a pair of vampire women during the L.A. uprising. Lucy Fry, Debby Ryan and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. star, and Megan Fox makes a cameo. 

In the imported new French comedy from Dany Boon, “Stuck Together” (Netflix, streaming), an apartment building full of residents get to know each other during the COVID lockdowns. 

The season 40 premiere of “Nature” (PBS, 8 p.m., check local listings) is also about COVID lockdowns, when a man in England decided to film the bees in his urban garden and identified more than 60 species. 

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