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Wednesday: Boy Connects to Beethoven

Director Irene Taylor Brodsky chronicled her deaf parents’ journey in the 2007 “Hear and Now,” returns with another personal project, tracking her own son who began going deaf at a young age. A pianist, he wanted to learn “Moonlight Sonata,” which Beethoven wrote as he was going deaf. She chronicles the process in the documentary [...]

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Tuesday TV: Michelle Wolf Roars Back

After a short-lived streaming talk show and a headline-making appearance at the White House Correspondents Dinner, the high voiced comic is back with a new standup special “Michelle Wolf Joke Show” (Netflix, streaming), in which she addresses feminism, among other topics. Bill Bellichick and Nick Saban give up some gridiron secrets in the special “Bellchick [...]

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Other Things I’ve Written Lately

Among the things I’ve written lately for other outlets include: A report from Sunday’s  Kennedy Center Honors for Entertainment Weekly. A story on a bold new Hokusai exhibit at the Freer Museum of Art for Smithsonian A preview of a lovely, previously unreleased track by Mister Rogers for the Vinyl District. A stroll through [...]

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Monday TV: Consideration of Impeachment

If you can bear a little history with your holiday fare, the House Judiciary Committee convenes a Hearing considering Presidential Impeachment (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN, Fox News, 9 a.m.) for the third time in the nation’s history. Expect rancor. Lyra finds the truth behind the Gobbler’s activities in the north on “His Dark [...]

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Remembering Big Bird’s Caroll Spinney

Sad to hear about the death at 85 of Caroll Spinney, a puppeteer who gave joy to generations of kids who may have never heard his name. But they sure heard of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch too, both of whom Spinney gave life (and voice) to for 40 years. News of his death [...]

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Sunday TV: New Revival of ‘The L Word’

Another iteration of the groundbreaking series “The L Word: Generation Q” (Showtime, 10 p.m.) (there was a reality version in the middle, remember?) brings back the original characters Jennifer Beals and Leisha Hailey and Katherine Moenning, who are doing big things like running for mayor, starring in a talk show. The cast has been increased [...]

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Saturday TV: SpongeBob Musical on Nick

Following a successful run on Broadway “The SpongeBob Musical: Live on Stage!” (Nickelodeon, 7 p.m.) makes its debut on the network that originated the material. Its music is from the Flaming Lips, John Legend, Cyndi Lauper and Sara Bareilles; the set design won a Tony. Ethan Slater is SpongeBob, Gavin Lee is Squidward, Danny Skinner [...]

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She & Him Throw a Christmas Party

The first time Zooey Deschanel sang a Christmas song for huge audiences was 16 years ago in the movie “Elf,” crooning “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in the shower, eventually dueting with an unwelcome Will Ferrell. It was that moment that showed M. Ward that the actress could actually sing, and they eventually got together to form [...]

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Friday TV: ‘Marriage Story’ Now Streaming

For the second week in a row, one of the most acclaimed films of the year and likely Oscar material makes its debut on a streaming service weeks after a limited theatrical run. Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver star as a couple breaking up but trying to keep the family together in “Marriage Story” (Netflix, streaming). [...]

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A Soulful ‘Motown Christmas’ at Signature

Because Christmas is mandatory on entertainment stages all month, it’s no surprise that a cabaret at Signature Theatre is again devoted to the Yuletide songbook. But in a clever and very welcome variation, they’ve approached the holiday through the classic interpretations of one of America’s favorite labels. “A Motown Christmas” brings together enduring holiday originals [...]

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