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Margo Price Carries New Year’s Baby

To start her short tour leading up to New Year’s Eve, Margo Price rewrote the old Loretta Lynn tune “One’s On the Way.” Fitting, since she’s showing off her own pregnancy – five months along – with husband and band member, Jeremy Ivey. But she’s also topical enough to adapt that old country hit (written [...]

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Wednesday TV: Mute ‘The Masked Singer’

A show that would seem to fit these bizarre times is “The Masked Singer” (Fox, 9 p.m.), in which singers (and sports stars) — all promised to be very very famous — are disguised in super-elaborate costumes and a panel of lesser celebrities have to guess who they are. That the celebrities talk in voices [...]

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Tuesday TV: Rose Parade and then Bowl

The most covered parade of the year might be the 130th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade (ABC, NBC, Hallmark, 11 a.m.) which also comes with a preshow, “Countdown to the 130th Rose Parade” (Hallmark, 10 a.m.). But the hilarious take on the parade by Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon portraying commentators Cord Hosenbeck and Tish [...]

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Monday TV: Rockin’ Eve and All That

Seems silly to watch TV to ensure the passage of time — the clock will strike midnight on your wrist as sure as it will on Times Square. But 2019 will be ushered in with a growing number of TV specials that seem to be starting earlier and earlier. “Dick Clark’s Primetime New Year’s Rocking’ [...]

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Sunday TV: ‘Escape’ End, ‘Deadly Class’

A new adaptation of the graphic novel “Deadly Class” (Syfy, 9 p.m.) gets a full-episode preview. Lana Condor and Benedict Wong star in the series, set in the 1980s at an academy for the Deadly Arts, where teens are being raised to lead crime families. Its start date is Jan. 16. The law closes in [...]

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Saturday TV: Cotton and Orange Bowls

There’s a handful of college football bowl games today with South Carolina vs. Virginia (ABC, noon) in the Belk Bowl, Florida vs. Michigan (ESPN, noon) in the Peach Bowl, Nevada vs. Arkansas State (CBS Sports, 1 p.m.). But there are also games where teams can actually advance, with Notre Dame vs. Clemson (ESPN, 4 p.m). in the Cotton Bowl and Oklahoma vs. Alabama (ESPN, 8 p.m.) in [...]

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Friday TV: A Changeable ‘Black Mirror’

It’s a series that has always tested the moral boundaries of its watchers in an age of robotics and artificial intelligence. Now the single episode “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” (Netflix, streaming) will put you on the record. The story of a video game programmer tumbling into the netherworld of fantasy and reality is charted by the [...]

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Thursday TV: Charlie Brown, Axe Throwing

Let’s not sugarcoat it: There’s not a lot happening in the TV world today. Networks have taken the week off. Late night hosts are vacationing. Streaming services aren’t exactly flooding the gap. There are are some of those college football bowl games scattered through the day with Temple vs. Duke (ESPN, 1:30 p.m.) in the [...]

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Changes at the Kennedy Center Honors

Things are a little different for “The 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors” (CBS, 8 p.m.), usually the classiest thing on network TV between the holidays. First, the roster of honorees — Cher, Reba McEntire, Wayne Shorter, Philip Glass and the creators of “Hamilton” are seen posing together, as in a tableau, on the Kennedy Center [...]

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Also on Wednesday: Recalling Apollo 8

The astronauts and engineers of Apollo 8 recall the first mission orbiting the moon, which occurred 50 years ago this week, on a new “Nova” (PBS, 9 p.m., check local listings). All three crewmen for the dangerous mission, ordered up at the last minute as pat of the space race vs. Russia, are still alive [...]

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