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Knockout George Bellows Show

Another July Fourth came and went last week largely without that big American moment a person is supposed to feel on the occasion of the birthday of his country. It didn’t happen at the fireworks, or in the blistering heat or the holiday marathons. It did happen later in the week, though, when I visited […]

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Jasper Johns for the Holiday

As the nation salutes the flag in its annual salute to the nation, with official ceremonies a few Metro stops away on the National Mall, the deconstructed flags of Jasper Johns are up for reconsideration at the Phillips Collection. Johns’ textured variations on the national symbols – and things as recognizable as target bullseyes – allowed […]

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Chronicling Performance Art Gaze

Matthew Akers’ perfectly paced film about the performance artist, “Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present” (HBO, 9 p.m.) follows her preparations for her big retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. As such, it allows plenty of time to tell the story of the Serbian-born artist whose work in performance art dated back nearly four […]

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New Light on the National Mall

The biggest movie in Washington is showing nightly on the continuous, circular wall of the distinctive Hirshhorn Museum, the Doug Aitken installation “SONG 1” that opened Thursday night. There on the three stories unfolds images of people in cars, alone on loading docks, working in kitchens or in factories or standing in parking lots, each […]

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Out There at the Visionary Art Museum

Had my mind blown by the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore last week. It’s a kind of haven for folk art, inspirational works of whimsy and monumental obsessional works by those who may be indeed touched. It’s all housed in a splendid set of buildings decorated with the broken glass and mirror of folk […]

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Into Space at the Corcoran

The Corcoran Gallery of Art is several blocks from the Air & Space Museum. But visiting artists Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro had space in mind when they were asked to create their first U.S. installation there. Thinking of space, and space travel, they created a gallery full of planets representing the Top 10 top […]

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Warhol’s ‘Shadows’

Only a couple of weeks are left in the Warhol stand in Washington. In addition to “Warhol: Headlines” show at the National Gallery, closing Jan. 2, there is an epic presentation of  the epic “Warhol: Shadows” at the Hirshhorn, that I just got to this week. The man who made pop from mass produced images […]

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‘Work of Art’ Pieces On Sale Online

In one of the niftiest commercial tie-ins for a reality show, creations by the contestants on Bravo’s “Work of Art: The Next Artist” have been made available to buyers at A few artists have their works available every week, including last week, Dusty’s street art of American surveillance cameras, right, Young Sun’s smiley “Jaded […]

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Patti Smith Exhibits at the Atheneum

As an artist, Patti Smith is nothing if not multi-disciplanary. She began as a poet. She hung around with Robert Mapplethorpe. I read her as a rock critic in magazines like Circus before her first recordings slashed a hole into the complacency of rock, circa 1976. She was influential and inspiring in her role as […]

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A Bad Review for Bob Dylan, Artist

It was 50 years ago last month when a New York Times critic gave a big boost to Bob Dylan, effectively kickstarting his music career. But it was quite a different critic today who wrote about his art show in a gallery there. Already the Times had written about “The Asian Series” at the Gagosian […]

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