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Riding Rev. Horton Heat’s Holiday Hayride

The Rev. Horton Heat issued his Christmas album 13 years ago, but only for the last few years has he loaded up a big holiday revue that includes a few other acts equally worthy of headline status — Junior Brown and The Blasters. They all packed into the Black Cat in D.C. Saturday, playing a [...]

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Regarding Looking at the Sun

You’d think the sky was a BB gun, aiming to put your eye out every time there’s an eclipse. But Angela Des Jardins, director of the Montana Space Grant Consortium and leader of the Eclipse Ballooning Project says it’s not a particularly more dangerous time to look up into the sky. Des Jardins, who is [...]

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The Old 97′s Ring in Another New Year

In the 2014 song “Longer Than You’ve Been Alive,” The Old 97s note “most of our shows were a triumph of rock, although some nights I might have been checkin’ the clock.” Checking the clock is what playing New Year’s Eve gigs are all about. And though Texas band’s return to the tony Hamilton Club [...]

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Inside A Rainy ‘A Capitol Fourth’

An invitation to the “Capitol Fourth” concert on the National Mall seemed interesting. Smokey Robinson was headlining, a bigger draw for me than, say Barry Manilow or Frankie Valli, who have performed in earlier years. It’s always enlightening to see a TV special put together, too, and it might be the first chance I’ve gotten [...]

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Ten Christmas Songs That Aren’t Really

Think of it as the inverse of the War on Christmas. Rather than being downsized by supposed political correctness, Christmas is the aggressor, swallowing up land (mall parking lots), airwaves (all-Christmas music stations in October) and everything you see (enough with the Christmas commercials already). It has also annexed the meaning of a number of [...]

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Nick Lowe’s Quality Holiday Revue

The snow white hair of Nick Lowe is about the only concession to the season in his tasty “Quality Holiday Revue” that played a sold out show at the Birchmere in Alexandria Friday. Sure, he had some nifty red and green patterned shirts (that he could wear year round) and his super sharp backing band [...]

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When Bowie Met Bing

It’s one of the iconic videos of the holiday season: An alien-looking David Bowie trading countermelodies with the 20th century’s most iconic crooners, Bing Crosby. But their 1977 TV collaboration on “Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth” almost didn’t happen, according to interviews in the Bing Crosby bio film that debuts tonight on PBS’ [...]

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After ‘Auld Lang Syne’: New Year’s Songs

Christmas has the market sewn up when it comes to holiday songs. But there are enough New Year’s songs around to fill up a mixtape, if indeed people still fill out mixtapes. One or two songs stand out historically among the rest, but let’s face it “Auld Lang Syne” is getting a little auld! The [...]

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Wednesday TV: New ‘Doctor Who’ Calling

Christmas is a day of reruns, marathons and, for some reason, NBA games on American TV. But in Britain, it’s the day that is set aside for special episodes of favorite series. Such is the case with this year’s Christmas special for “Doctor Who” (BBC America, 9 p.m.). It’s an especially noteworthy episode from a [...]

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Tuesday TV: Merry Christmas, You Wonderful Old Building and Loan!

The most beloved Christmas movie used to be shown at least twice during the season. But NBC had a hit with its live remake of “The Sound of Music” and showed that in place of one of the usual slots for Frank Capra’s classic on Saturday. So tonight is just about the only time to [...]

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