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Erasing the Holiday

January second couldn’t come soon enough. The Christmas tree had been dropping needles since the time we carried it home. Just natural, the saleswoman said. Well, yes. Everything about the tree was natural, from the smell to the rain of needles to its initial thirst. (A fake tree wouldn’t be as messy, but would have [...]

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Making My 2011 Mix, Under the Wire

I’m missing a holiday tradition tonight – joining my friends Jim and Molly for their annual New Year’s Eve dinner. The dinner itself isn’t the best part of it – they always boil up a lot of lobster, I try to act amiable about it as a vegitarian can be but am pretty sure I [...]

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My Friend Rich Sivel

I am sorry that I missed the memorial meeting for my friend Rich Sivel this afternoon in Hartford. It had only been 10 days or so ago that he was in that room at the Hartford Friends Monthly Meeting on Quaker Lane, watching his daughter and new granddaughter in the Christmas pageant there, drawing a [...]

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The Christmas Hearth, Circa 2011

Managed to survive another Christmas season, mostly by lowering expectations of myself so far, nobody was too disappointed. Part of the problem came with a big move from New England to the Mid-Atlantic, leaving some parts of the Christmas traditions behind. Some boxes of ornaments and doo-dads were simply not found. And boxes of any [...]

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At the White House Fall Garden Tour

It wasn’t exactly an occupation at the White House. Instead, it was one of those biannual events when the White House grounds were thrown open to the great unwashed for viewing. Where once Andrew Jackson would hold a three day party on the grounds for his inaugural, or folks could walk right up to the [...]

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Comcast Fail II

Here’s a good way to get speedy reaction from the monopoly utility that can’t quite get your service right: Write a blog. I may not have legions of readers here at RogerCatlin.Com, but a post on “Comcast Fail” a couple days ago surely caught the attention of someone from their national response teams. How can [...]

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After Irene

Now that the hurricane is over and most people who had hunkered down with the rest of the Eastern Seaboard suffered little more than lawns littered with ripped down leaves, a few sticks and a puddle or two, how should we feel? Relieved? Grateful? Duped? Despite the incessant, hysterical reporting (which got great ratings to [...]

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Hurricane Diary: The Sandbagging Snarl

I thought it amusing when I saw the light-up sign offering free sandbags last night. Not so funny this morning when I learned that the sole distribution area for sandbags for the entire District of Columbia, or judging from the massive traffic tie up, the entire Eastern Seaboard, is right next door to the apartment [...]

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How I Spent My Earthquake

It may be a testament to my ability to roll with the punches, or proof that I clearly can’t identify with what’s all around me, but I didn’t feel the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that shook Washington D.C. this afternoon at all. I did know something was up when I saw a guy sprint from a [...]

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A Dismal Swamp Fire’s Effect on Vacation

Traffic was so bad to the Outer Banks last weekend, it took a couple days decompression at the shore to unwind from it all. Bumper to bumper for miles and miles. So many people in such a rush to get to the beach to relax. But no relaxing whatsoever until they got there. It got [...]

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