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The Working Unemployed on Vacation

One of those random polls in USA Today this week asked: Is vacation a break from work? The graphic showed that 46 percent work during vacation, 35 percent don’t work and 19 percent are unemployed. It didn’t have a space for people who are both unemployed and working during vacation. Which is the sort of [...]

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Among the Quakers

I’ve learned over the years there’s nothing quite so jolting as going directly from the TV Critics Association summer press tour, at a posh Beverly Hills Hotel, directly to the New England Yearly Meeting of Friends, on the campus of Bryant University in Smithfield, R.I. Turning in one nametag for another, I also had a [...]

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Me and the Gov, Chillin’ at Disney World

The governor of New Jersey got some heat last week when it turned out he was out of town while the great blizzard blew on the Garden State. Not that he could have done much had he been there during Christmas week, other than make proclamations and see that the plows were out. But the [...]

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The Problem with the Magic Kingdom

As something of a student of Walt Disney (sad to say, I did a post-grad thesis on what it was in the design of Mickey Mouse that made him so popular), I’m always interested in what’s new at Walt Disney World and how that studio is reflected in his theme parks. Part of the appeal [...]

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Hogsmeade in the Time of Pottersville

The whole reason for coming to Florida, other than visiting grandma in her snowbird condo, was for my kids to see “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” at Universal Studios Orlando. They had grown up with the J.K. Rowlings series in a way that I can’t imagine other generations imprinted by a series of books [...]

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Caught in Celebration – Florida

Our trip to Orlando found us spending a lot more time than we ever planned in Celebration. Not actually celebrating, but in Celebration, Florida, a themepark kind of actual city. Made to look like some idealized American town, it’s more like Main Street U.S.A. in nearby Walt Disney World, to which it is connected by [...]

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Halloween Haul 2010

It was a sad Halloween; the first without kids here as a home base or trawling the neighborhood. Nora was off at a friend’s, in another neighborhood, so there was absolutely no reason for me to walk around the block and observe their decorations and/or home improvements since last year. So I sat home and [...]

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Back to School

We moved Lillie back to college Saturday and her new single dorm room reminded me of something I couldn’t quite recall until now.

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