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A Quick End for ‘Roseanne’

“Roseanne” was never as political as all the writing about the show. It actually seemed to make sense that her old working class character, resurrected after 20 years, might be a Trump supporter in her old age. With the brilliant Laurie Metcalf as her political opposite it seemed to work in the show’s reboot premiere, [...]

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When David Cassidy Met Donald Trump

The last time I talked to David Cassidy, the forever young teen idol who died this week at 67, we chatted a bit about the unlikely guy who would become President. At the time, Donald Trump was the Republican frontrunner in the primaries and known mostly to Cassidy as the guy who fired him on [...]

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Franken Cut From Letterman Salute

When it comes time, finally for the honoree at “The Mark Twain Awards: David Letterman” (PBS, 8 p.m., check local listings), to take the stage after 90 minutes of praise of entertainers and officials, the bearded former talk show host takes time to say: “I have great admiration for Al Franken. This really is quite [...]

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Homework for a Nation: ‘The Vietnam War’

There is something undoubtedly daunting about “The Vietnam War” (PBS, 8 p.m., check local listings), the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick epic that begins the first of its 10 episodes tonight. The sheer weight and depth of 18 hours — presented night after night over two weeks — makes it seem burdensome as homework (There [...]

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McCain and Kerry Agree on Vietnam

There will be scores of community talk-backs associated with the Ken Burns-Lynn Novick opus ”The Vietnam War” that starts Sunday on PBS. Perhaps none will be as prestigious as the one this week at the Kennedy Center, that featured three Vietnam veterans that rose to heights in the government. There, Sen. John McCain, former Secretary of [...]

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With Obama Goes the Anger Translator

The end of Barack Obama administration Friday also means the end of Luther, Obama’s Anger Translator. While the 44th President was cool and calm in the Oval Office, what he really was thinking was interpreted in the character created by Keenan Michael Key in “Key & Peele.” Key performed it most memorably with Obama himself [...]

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Tuesday TV: Only the Future of Mankind

First, go vote. Then you can be more invested in both the country and in 2016 Election Night Coverage (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, C-SPAN, CNN, Fox News, Telemundo, Univision, 8 p.m.). I wouldn’t watch a second of coverage until results come in; enough with the predictions already. And I’d avoid cable news networks just because [...]

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RNC, Night One: Melania Loves Chachi

You thought those three-hour finales for “The Apprentice” stretched things out. The four day Republican National Convention (MSNBC, 5p.m.; Fox News, 6 p.m.; CNN, CSPAN, 7 p.m.; PBS, 8 p.m.; ABC, NBC CBS, 10 p.m.) begins today in Cleveland, with most networks weighing in at different times, but which are also just as likely to [...]

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Frank Underwood Bares His Knuckles

It’s not like he threw me in front of the Metro train as he did poor Zoe Barnes. But I feel a little bit of what it’s like to be witheringly dismissed by Francis J. Underwood, the ruthless politician at the heart of Netflix’ hit “House of Cards.” It was at the unveiling of a [...]

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Dispatch from Iowa’s Political Front

So much of politics is pageantry, and rarely is it in play as much as at the annual Jefferson Jackson Day dinner in Des Moines the year before a Presidential Election. If the caucuses in Iowa is the first test of the presidential primaries, then, for the Democrats, the JJ Dinner is the place where [...]

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