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Also on Friday: Late Night Watergate

Among the specials marking the 40th anniversary of the resignation of Richard Nixon, you might have heard that it took a long while for Watergate as a crime to make any traction. As difficult as it was for the Washington Post’s investigations to be picked up by other newspapers, it was even less likely to [...]

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Talking War and Peace with McCaffrey

I’ve come to expect unusual encounters at press tour, but I wasn’t even in my seat long before someone came walking up to my seat with retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey, with whom I would talk war, peace and Plato. A four star-general whose military term in the Army spanned 1964-1996, and is also a familiar [...]

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‘Freedom Summer’ Relived Tonight

Just as the Freedom Riders Civil Rights effort in 1961 was followed by the 50th anniversary “Freedom Riders” documentary by Stanley Nelson, so has the 1964 Freedom Summer campaign to get voting rights for disenfranchised African-Americans in Mississippi chronicled in “Freedom Summer,” Nelson’s striking new film, making its debut tonight on “American Experience” (PBS, 9 p.m., [...]

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The Veep of My Street

For the annual Hobart Street Porch Fest this weekend in D.C., I did some research on the guy for whom the block was named nearly 100 years ago and found out a lot about one of the more obscure names in American history. Despite the distinctly Democratic slant of our famous Hobart Street Pledge, the [...]

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‘Veep’ Goes to the Debates

“Veep” is one of the few serialized series that doesn’t need to hit everyone over the head with what’s happened previously before starting every episode. Like Selina Meyer, it just blunders ahead hilariously and hopes you’ll catch up. Back to the heat of the campaign after that wild episode in London, preparations are in full [...]

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Obama Between Two Ferns

Barack Obama added to his comedy resume this week with a sterling performance on Zack Galifianakis’ showcase of non sequiturs, “Between Two Ferns.” After a couple of minutes of banter, including Obama insulting Galifianakis’ “Hungover Part 3,” he lays out the case for signing up for healthcare in the format that millions would — and [...]

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Sarah Palin Loves TV Critics, She Says

A woozy moment on just the second day of the TV Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena Friday was the morning appearance of Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor, Vice Presidential candidate and conservative figurehead. Oddly, it wasn’t her first time at TCA. She accompanied her husband Todd when he was on an NBC [...]

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JFK Death Trip

For anyone wishing to mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK by tracing the last steps of the fallen president, Dallas- Ft. Worth makes it easy. For a region that did all it could to hide the horrors that happened there, almost every landmark etched into American historical memory still exists. Not only [...]

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At the ‘Crossfire’ Opening Night Party

“Crossfire,” CNN’s signature and much reviled back-and-forth political argument show, had the bad luck to be revived after a eight years lapse in a week when actual news was breaking on the 24-hour cable network. Wolf Blitzer was still quite giddy over his late afternoon interview with President Obama that was responding to Syria’s President [...]

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It’s Showtime at the Apollo for the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

They didn’t have a literal hook, as they do at Harlem’s famous theater. Nor did people boo – except when speakers were cut off. And they were cut off constantly at the perhaps too-well-organized 50th anniversary March on Washington rally at the Lincoln Memorial Saturday. Someone along the line determined that the long list of [...]

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