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Yep Roc 20′s Rockin’ Anniversary

Sometimes, a record label anniversary concert can be a pretty disparate affair, if only because of the breadth of the rosters. Motown 25 was probably a pinnacle of its type in 1983, even though it also included Adam Ant and DeBarge as well as Michael Jackson. Atlantic Records’ 40th anniversary fete in 1988 featured both [...]

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Another Live Night for Chris Gethard

At a time when huge teams of writers script nearly every moment of late night comedy shows, with filmed bits are carefully shot in advance and even the nightly “live” shows taped hours in advance to accommodate editing, truTV’s freewheeling “The Chris Gethard Show” (11 p.m. ET) adheres to the fearless, no-net thrills of live [...]

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Folger’s Close Up ‘Antony and Cleopatra’

A condensed “Antony and Cleopatra” at the Folger Theatre still has time for a couple of ensemble dance numbers straight out of “Solid Gold,” a battle scene that’s almost as well choreographed and a whole lot of kissing. There’s no questioning the physical attraction between Cody Nickell’s Antony and Shirine Babb’s Cleopatra. As the play [...]

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‘I’ll Get You Back Again’ at Round House

With its emphasis on both 1960s psychedelic rock music and the Three Stooges, it would seem the latest offering at the Round House Theatre was tailored precisely for my taste. Add to that the guy who in my mind had the single best moment in this summer’s “Twin Peaks: The Return,” David Patrick Kelly (who [...]

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Secret Sisters Harmonize at The Hamilton

The Secret Sisters come off like a classic duo from the golden age of country music, or maybe before that: the string band era of the Depression days. Existing in the 21st century is a whole lot harder, they have found. But survival seems certain based on their reliance on the kind of sibling harmonies [...]

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A Stop on Daniel Johnston’s Final Tour

To the devoted fans of Daniel Johnston, the troubled outsider songwriter behind “Speeding Motorcycle” and other indie favorites, an  introduction would certainly not be necessary. But what’s being billed at Johnston’s final tour begins with a lengthy intro: The whole of Jeff Feuerzeig’s remarkable 2005 documentary “The Devil and Daniel Johnston,” which chronicles the fascinating [...]

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‘Take Me to the River,’ the Concert Version

Since Martin Shore released his 2014 documentary “Take Me to the River,” telling the story of Memphis soul while trying to introduce a hip hop generation, a number of its featured artists have died, including Bobby “Blue” Bland, Hubert Sumlin and Teenie Hodges. But three other of its featured participants went on to win their [...]

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Randy Newman at the Birchmere

At 73, Randy Newman is still writing sharp and funny political songs, elaborate and cynical set pieces about the state of the world and, in between, the kind of stark songs that unexpectedly rip your heart out. At a wide-ranging, two-set, 33 song panorama of his work of the past half century, fans responded to [...]

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Screams at the Yoko Tribute Concert

Aside from her considerable career as a conceptual artist, Yoko Ono may also be the most polarizing figure in rock. She still carries a lot of unfair blame for being a convenient target as the Beatles were breaking up, and may have showed up on too many Lennon solo albums for purists. At the same [...]

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Arcade Fire Adapts Well to Arena

Playing in the round isn’t always the best way to take in an arena concert. By definition, a band’s presentation is fractured in different directions, lacking a central, unified focus. Every time a band member is facing you means that another is facing the other way. If it’s a spinning stage, it can all be [...]

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