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Alec Admits Flirting on ‘Survivor’

It may have been curtains for Alec Christy on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” last week, but it’s finals week at Florida Gulf Coast University. He’s been spending the semester watching the show he shot last summer in Nicaragua every week with his pals. But trying to keep spilling what was going to happen? “Oh [...]

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Wes Says Wings Weren’t Worth It

Wesley Nale’s eviction from “Survivor: De Juan Del Sur” last week may have been one for the record books. With two different hidden immunity idols flushed out during tribal council negating the more plentiful votes for two others (his dad Keith Nale and alpha male Jon Misch), Wes was sent to be the third member [...]

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Thanks, Giving Doesn’t Work on ‘Survivor’

No good deed goes unpunished on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur.” Boston fireman Jeremy Collins may have defied the show’s protocol by joining Natalie Anderson in declining a luxury reward and letting that strangely powerful couple Jon Misch and Jaclyn Schultz go in their stead. But later in the same episode Collins found himself being [...]

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Josh Assesses His Ouster on ‘Survivor’

For a while, things were going pretty well for Josh Canfield on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water.” The savvy and likable player had won over his tribe mates just as he had hoped. “My whole starting out strategy was to get everyone on my tribe to want to work with me; [...]

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CNBC’s ‘Money Talks’ Walks

CNBC has quietly canceled “Money Talks,” the one-season reality show that followed the sports book operations of an ex-con in Las Vegas. The prime time show had low ratings from its start, but it also had some vociferous critics, including some who called his claims of 70 percent success bogus, and others, like me, whose [...]

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‘Survivor’ Quitter Says She Was Rushed

To hear Julie McGee tell it, she wasn’t really ready to quit “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” in last week’s episode; it was the show’s producers were pushing her to decide. “It wasn’t like I said: ‘I’m done.’  I really was riding the fence and really was torn, up until the time the producers said [...]

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Dale Was ‘Hot Mess’ Before Eviction

Had he managed to last one more tribal, Dale Wentworth might have made it to the merge tonight on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur.” “That’s the most frustrating thing,” he says from his home in eastern Washington state. “One vote, one tribal council, any challenge in the first 15 days; one win would have put [...]

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Kelley Caught in ‘Survivor’ Tribe Reshuffle

Being voted off of “Survivor” is a drag. But there were perks after Kelly Wentworth was eliminated from the newly reshuffled Coyopa tribe last week. “Eating! Running water!” she said over the phone last week. “It’s just so weird to be holding a cell phone again.” It wasn’t quite a merge last week, but a [...]

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Drew Imploded Before Tonight’s Tribe Switch on ‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’

To look at it now, it would have been so easy for Drew Christy, the impetuous and outspoken dude on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur—Blood vs. Water” to have just laid low for one more week. He could have made it to tonight’s buff-dropping  tribe switching. But that wouldn’t have been Drew. Instead, he threw [...]

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Rocker Says He Couldn’t Blend In on ‘Survivor’

Former major league baseball pitcher John Rocker may have been raked over the coals over poorly chosen remarks made to a reporter in 1999 followed by several other incidents. But it sounds like being on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs. Water” this season wasn’t much easier. Rocker, over the phone Tuesday, said [...]

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