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Tuesday TV: Let All the Shouting Begin

Tonight’s first Presidential Debate (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN, Fox News, 9 p.m.) between Joe Biden and Donald Trump may be the most seen political event on TV ever. If so it will have to beat the 84 million who watched the debate between Hillary Clinton and Trump. They’re not exactly debates, of […]

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Monday TV: Puppets Recreate the Past

When the Chinese artist Ma Liang, also known as Maleonn, realizes his father is suffering from Alzheimer’s, he creates a stage performance that highlights moments from his past, starring life-sized mechanical puppets.The staging of his “Papa’s Time Machine” performance is the subject of the film by Yang Sun and S. Leo Chiang, “Our Time Machine,” […]

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Also on Sunday: Fourth Season ‘Fargo’

Three years after it was last on the air, “Fargo” (FX, 9 p.m.) returns in a different place and time (Kansas City, 1950), with a different cast, and almost a different sensibility, set up as beef between crime families led by Chris Rock and Jason Schwartzman. The central conceit – that warring families would trade […]

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Saturday TV: ‘Just Mercy’ and Football

Bryan Stevenson’s timely and personal story of race and the law in the deep South is told in the death penalty drama “Just Mercy” (HBO, 8 p.m.), making its premium cable premiere. Michael B. Jordan stars; Jamie Foxx and Rafe Spall are also part of the cast. A good backup: A replay of “Black America […]

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Revising a Confounding Case, Morris-Style

In 1970, a Green Beret Army surgeon was accused of killing his wife and two young daughters. He blamed it on a roving band of Manson-inspired hippies who wrote crude messages in blood on the walls like “Acid is Great.” and “Kill All the Pigs.” It was tried twice with differing results and became a […]

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Also on Friday: Amazon’s Trippy ‘Utopia’

“Utopia” (Amazon, streaming) has already been a British series about a bunch of comic book fans finding a conspiracy behind their favorite title. But the new version by Gillian Flynn (of “Gone Girl” and “Sharp Objects” fame) brings a freshness and vitality to the tale. Funding by the streaming service makes for a very credible […]

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Thursday TV: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ to CBS

“Star Trek: Discovery” (CBS, 10 p.m.), heretofore a streaming-only offshoot, gets its first broadcast appearance in a way to fill the otherwise empty TV slots this fall after the pandemic has stifled production. Sonequa Martin-Green stars in the series, which seems a little more warlike than the original. Its third season starts Oct. 15 — […]

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Wednesday: Sherlock Holmes’ Kid Sister

Millie Bobby Brown, the charismatic star of “Stranger Things” returns in a new film about Sherlock Holmes’ teenage sister, “Enola Holmes” (Netflix, streaming), based on the book series by Nancy Springer. Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin co-star as her brothers.  Alex Gibney dips into Russian interference into the last election with a deep look at […]

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Tuesday: ‘Time 100’ Listed but Can’t Meet

The big event for the movers and shakers named for the annual “Time 100” (ABC, 10 p.m.) was actually meeting in  a big summit. That was all canceled for this year, so the pioneers, artists, leaders, icons and titans will have to make do with this one hour special. Can they even fit all of […]

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Monday TV: Holdbacks and Cable Revivals

The day after the Emmys is the traditional start of the new TV season, and here’s what we have to show for it in a pandemic year.  The one new show to speak about is “Filthy Rich” (Fox, 9 p.m.), which was to have started airing in the spring but was saved to the fall […]

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