The ballyhooed fall “Idol” replacement “The X Factor” did about the same for its Thursday night edition as it did for its Wednesday debut – about 12 million. It was beaten by the nerds on “The Big Bang Theory” with 14.4 million for its season premiere.

That led to 13.2 million sampling the new drama “Person of Interest” at 9 p.m. on CBS, just under the premiere of “The Mentalist” that followed, with 13.3 million.

The new remake of “Charlie’s Angels” on ABC only got a middling response, with 8.7 million viewers; the remake of “Prime Suspect” did less well with 6 million on NBC.

The Thursday comedies on NBC languished with 4 million for “Community,” 4.1 million for “Parks & Recreation,” 7.6 million for “The Office” and 6.7 million for the new “Whitney.”

The two hour return for “Grey’s Anatomy,” concerning a sinkhole, fell into a ratings sinkhole as well. Its 10.3 million, while high for the night, was down 24 percent from last year’s start.