All Female Finale for ‘Survivor’

Here’s something new in the 24th season of “Survivor” – an all women finale. For the first season that was divided between men and women, in which it seemed they’d never win a challenge, they overpowered the men to such a degree that the last of them, the grizzled Tarzan was eliminated Wednesday.

Men may have had muscle for the challenges, but women had the brain in the game, picking them off one by one once they had the greater number. And leading them all was Kim, right, who took her role as leader early in the game, as if she was Boston Rob or something, and everybody followed everything she suggested unquestioningly.

That’s made for a kind of dull game for a while, but for the two hour finale Sunday, things will tighten as the five remaining women will have to pick off one another before they appear before the jury for votes.

That’s the thing their success has guaranteed about this season’s “Survivor” – the jury is dominated by men.

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