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Schwimmer’s Dark New ‘Feed the Beast’

David Schwimmer has already proved he is a bit more versatile than playing a sad sack on “Friends.”  His portrayal of Robert Kardashian was one of the many delights of “The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Stor” earlier this year. Now he stars in a dark new cable drama about the underside of opening […]

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Remembering Janis Joplin on PBS

This year’s been a bruising one for musician loss, with David Bowie’s death followed by those of Merle Haggard and Prince. But it was almost more showing in 1970 when in a matter of days, both Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin were gone, and each of them was just 27. The shock of their deaths […]

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Anita Hill Faces Clarence Thomas Again

History is being told again tonight through television — not through a documentary process but through a film version. The filters of the present day, from race relations to intransigent Senate forces to a Supreme Court vacancy all help to make “Confirmation” (HBO, 8 p.m.), an almost too straightforward retelling of the case against Clarence […]

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‘Jackie Robinson’ Doc, Right on Time

Ken Burns, the patron saint of public television, has already made more than 20 hours of essential American sports history with his 1994 epic “Baseball” and its four hour addendum in 2010, “The Tenth Inning.” Now he takes time again, in four hours over two nights, beginning tonight and concluding Tuesday to tell the tale […]

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Anderson Cooper and His Famous Mom

One of the most interesting things about Anderson Cooper is not that he’s gay or began his TV career hosting reality competitions like “The Mole,” but his lineage. He’s the son of Gloria Vanderbilt, the storied woman of wealth and glamor and some tragedy. It’s not something that he brings up or talks about. More […]

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Following ‘The Path,’ Hulu’s New Drama

Here’s the news from the latest streaming serial drama: Cults can be bad. Is this news? Or is it even drama? The makers behind “The Path” (Hulu, streaming) take a long time to tell their story. But in the first few episodes we learn that “Breaking Bad” favorite Aaron Paul plays a role closer to […]

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‘Fuller House,’ Still Terrible

Nostalgia colors so much of what one consumed growing up, one has to consider whether any of it was really any good. I can make a case that “Green Acres” and “Get Smart” still hold up. But “My Three Sons”? Maybe not. For whatever reason, there is a great fondness for the 80s sitcom, “Full […]

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You’re Going to Like the New ‘Love’

Like Woody Allen and others before him, Paul Rust seems to have devised a show in which he gets the beautiful woman. Yet in the charming new “Love” (Netflix, streaming) that starts today, its not that easy. For one thing, Gillian Jacobs, the object of desire in “Community,” is more of a piece of work. […]

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Craig Ferguson Turns to History

Craig Ferguson got so interested in American history when he became a citizen that his new show is all about it. “Join or Die with Craig Ferguson” (History, 11 p.m.) is a panel discussion show that is about history the way “Real Time with Bill Maher” is about current events. There’s an expert, a couple of […]

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Give Scorsese’s Electric ‘Vinyl’ A Spin

The dizzying heights of the record business in the early 70s is perfectly captured in the frenzy of music, drugs and change in the next great HBO series. Martin Scorsese is co-creator and sets the ambitious tone for “Vinyl” (HBO, 9 p.m.) with a thrilling two hour premiere that flashes back at what made Richie […]

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