The Grind of Homecoming

Got this email note for parents from school regarding this weekend’s homecoming dance. One might think the homework requirements are a grind for high schoolers, but not as much, apparently, as the dance.

A report from the dean of students held a warning for ninth graders, who had a great time at the ninth-grade-only dance last month, where  “there was virtually no inappropriate dancing, such as ‘grinding.’

“However,” it goes on, “the Homecoming Dance includes all grades together and the social situation might surprise many ninth graders.”

In anticipation we have directed their Advisors to specifically discuss the dance with them during this week’s Advisory period.  I wish to pass on to you some of the same advice we offered.

Please remind your children of their power to choose wisely:

1) They do not have to dance in a manner that makes them feel uncomfortable and they should decline any request to do so.

2) They may always step off the dance floor and seek out a teacher

3) They should have fun with their friends.

Oddly, these are pretty much the same rules they use on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

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