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No Trump on ‘The Simpsons’ This Fall

Although he looks like he came from a cartoon, Donald Trump won’t be part of “The Simpsons” this season, executive producer Al Jean says. Though the ever-busy “Simpsons” studio turned out this little bit last June when Trump made his announcement after a descent on the Trump Tower escalator, Jean says they generally try to […]

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History’s March to Graphic Novels

At the Metro there were all kinds of costumed plushy characters, enough to make you think there was a convention at the nearby Marriott. But it had nothing to do with the Small Press Expo — the SPX — that I was catching a train to see in Bethesda. Unlike most all ComicCons where fans […]

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Fox’s Next Late Night Foray into Late Night: Animation

Next time you come across something on TV that seems like it was written by a child, it may well have been. “Axe Cop,” one of the 11 minute components of the upcoming late night animation block coming this summer on Fox, is a series created by Malachai Nicolle when he was 5 that was […]

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April’s a Teen in New ‘Turtles’

There’s something usually very chilly and off putting about the precision and robot-like motions of computer generated animation. But it turns out to work very well for a new incarnation of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (Nickelodeon, 11 a.m.). Voices for this generation of the heroes in a half shell are provided by Jason Biggs as […]

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Considering Tennessee Tuxedo and His Friends

The thing that I forgot about Tennessee Tuxedo is that he was supposed to be educational. Sure, you get distracted by Don Adams’ distinctive voice, the cockeyed hat and his slothful friend Chumley. But whatever the caper that happened in the cartoon show, which ran throughout my childhood from 1963 to 1966, the penguin and […]

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How Kevin Smith Got Back on TV

Kevin Smith wasn’t anxious to get back into television.  After all, his last “disastrous foray into TV” was an animated series based on his movie “Clerks” in 2000. “We only made six episodes and ABC only aired two,” he shrugged. So he mostly thought he wasn’t simpatico with television. But then producer Charlie Corwin of […]

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How the Comics Page Marked 9/11

It’s always a bit worrying to find that all of the Sunday comic artists have agreed to have a similar theme for a day’s strips. It happens naturally on Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s or the Fourth of July. But sometimes they agree to all address a single issue – as if they all work in […]

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Old Cat, New Hat

One of the quirks of my mother growing up is that she didn’t like Dr. Seuss books. We never had any in the house. The ones at school were looked at askance if we brought them home. Was it the weird creatures in them, the strange, made-up rhymey words, or the anarchy in the stories? […]

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