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Life at home with CNN’s John King

“John, will you take out the garbage?” “Well that’s an interesting question. If you take a look at the kitchen trash can, you can see that it’s 77 percent full, but if I hit it here, it reduces to more like 58 percent. Is that enough to take out to the trash? Well, take a […]

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Mitt Romney Ingratiates Himself to Former Home

Hey there! Hello! It’s so great to be back in Michigan. I just love Michigan. It’s my home state you know. And I’m not just saying this because I’m lagging in the polls, ha ha. I mean look at this place. The trees are just the right height. The streets are just right. And the […]

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Beyond ‘Extreme Chopin’

It’s not so much “Extreme Chopin” that pianist Brian Ganz is dedicating himself to. That would seemingly involve performing the Polish master’s repertoire while riding a motorcycle or perhaps playing while the keyboard is on fire, Jerry Lee Lewis style. By “Extreme,” Ganz, the accomplished musician and artist in residence at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, […]

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Mitt Romney Sings The Doors

“I’ve been talking about music lately,” Mitt Romney said at a campaign stop in Cedar Falls this week. “I happen to love the patriotic songs of America.” And what of the other songs of America? When asked about his New Year’s Eve plans today, he replied “There’s a celebration of the music of the Doors at […]

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The Ballad of Herman Cain: The Night I Drove Old Dixie Home

Herman Cain is my name and I served up some pizza plain ‘Til so many calories came, I tore up my bio again In the winter of 95, those who served the hungry, made me their guy I lobbied Congress and I met some gals It was a time I remember oh so well The […]

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Sarah Palin’s Narnia

Narnia: I love it like I love my family. I was governor of Narnia once, and no, I’m not the White Witch. Todd sometimes calls me that. But just as a joke. We all love each other. We live in Narnia and as I say, love it here. Because it is so frickin’ magical, what […]

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