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Goodbye to ‘Cops’ and ‘Live PD’

Police have yet to be defunded, but “Live PD” has suspended production, just days after “Cops” announced its demise just before its 33rd season start. In each easy-to-produce reality show, cameramen tagged along the forces of blue to watch them stop, question, arrest and sometimes harass citizens who largely seemed poor, people of color, or […]

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A Chat With Reality Star Eddie Money

Add Eddie Money to the long list of rockers, from Ozzy Osbourne to Bret Michaels and Joe Jonas, to open their homes to reality TV crews. His new series “Real Money” (AXS TV, 9;30 p.m.)  chronicles life with his grown kids, who are also members of his backing band when he tours. Money, at 68, is […]

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‘Dancing with Stars’ Cast Largely Starless

Perhaps we need a new definition of “Stars.” Few if any of the participants in the 25th season of “Dancing with the Stars” can rightfully be so described. None are, say, on the Hollywood Walk of Stars. Many will not register a whit of recognition. But here they are anyway. The fall cast, announced Wednesday, […]

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Rick Perry, Lochte on ‘Dancing with Stars’

“Dancing with the Stars” is increasingly the rehabilitation camp for personalities we’d rather see fade away. The 23rd season of the show will include former governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry, the first Texas politician to put on dancing shoes for the show since Tom DeLay. But it will also include Ryan Lochte, who recently […]

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‘The Mole’ Host Moderates Debate

Presidential debates so far this cycle have brought cable news networks their biggest ratings in years, but also on the Republican side, some changes to the formats. Not just in breaking the large field into two tiers, but in changing the format that would have prevented, say, CNN moderator Candy Crowley from correcting a matter […]

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Odd Definitions of Celebrity, Dancing

When he and two buddies subdued a gunman on a Paris train less than three weeks ago, the very furthest thing from the mind of Oregon national Guardsman Alek Skarlatos — but clearly not on his mind at all — was the kind of newspaper celebrity that led to the kind of instant low-grade celebrity […]

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Two Named Potential ‘Bachelorette’s

“The Bachelor” franchise had long since fallen into a rut in recent seasons, ever since it decided that a regular person could never be the bachelor or bachelorette handing out the roses. No, for more than half the seasons now, the newly crowned mass suitor had to be a reject from the previous season. This […]

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‘The Bachelor’s Worst Trait

“The Bachelor” got down to its ickiest episode Monday: The one involving the fantasy suite. In a world where “50 Shades of Gray” is No. 1, this is the hubba-hubba episode. Never mind that it was also the only exotic episode of the season — in Bali, when heretofore the dates had taken place in […]

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‘Survivor’ Twinnie on Winning

As in control as she seemed going into the two hour finale of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur,” Natalie Anderson was never sure she’d go on to actually win the $1 million prize. After all, her sister was the first to be voted out, and as twinnies on two different seasons on “The Amazing Race,” […]

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Natalie Our Pick for ‘Survivor’ Win

It was in many ways the most frustrating season of “Survivor” in memory. Those capable of shrewd game play, from Jeremy to Josh, were unfortunately the first to sit on the jury. John Rocker was gone way before that. Jon and Jaclyn were treated like royalty for some reason through most of the season even […]

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