We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

please_stand_byIt’s been a busy summer, with travels to Europe, Asia and Beverly Hills before landing here on the Outer Banks for the week at the beach, the annual opportunity to witness the shoreside excesses of others, get sunburned, and marvel at the properties of sand getting into everything.

It also took nine hours to drive here when the GPS says it should have taken six, but that’s another story best left forgotten.

The main thing in all this summer’s travels was trying to keep this blog limping along serving what readers are there (hello!). Along with other occasional postings, and news from the TV Critics Association summer press tour, I tried mostly to keep the daily “What’s on TV” going, even in an era when people can watch what’s on TV any dang time they want or binge watch a whole season at a later date.

Some days the column came late, even as prime time approached. But I didn’t skip a day until yesterday, when the internet here on coastal U.S.A. conked out for good. I wrote the columns anyway, but posted them too late to do anyone any good (except for time travelers).

Before I go on about the lapses in U.S. infrastructure and potholes in the domestic information superhighway, let me say that things seem patched back together here at the rented beach house, internet-wise. There’s still no wifi for me, I have to stay tethered by ethernet. But the column continues nonetheless. And the sunburn.

Apologies for the lapse.

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