Stonewalling is His Prerogative

BobbyBrownThe success of BET’s 2017 docudrama “The New Edition Story” got the network motivated to make the sequel, “The Bobby Brown Story” which premieres Sept. 4 and 5.

Brown, 49, was an adviser on the project which stars Woody McClain in the title role and Gabrielle Dennis as his wife Whitney Houston.

It was odd that he was doing promotion at the TV Critics Association summer press tour in the very hotel where Houston died in 2012.

But Brown, for his part, said “the spirit of my ex-wife is probably still here.”

Therefore he added, “it just feels good to be here and to promote this movie and to be able to … to be able to smile and be here.”

Things got more tense when reporters brought up reports of domestic abuse and on the record 911 calls during that marriage.

Asked if he regretted that their daughter, the now-deceased Bobbi Kristina may have witnessed some violent scenes when she was a child, Brown answered “There were no violent incidents between me and Whitney.”

Asked then about the 911 calls, he said, “No there wasn’t. You’re mistaken. You’re completely wrong. You’re completely wrong.”

Someone else looked up a report on the public record in 2015, he said, “No, the public record is wrong.”

An additional period of questions from reporters that was scheduled was instead abruptly canceled, with publicists saying there was no time, despite the fact there was an hour until the next session.


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