Monday TV: Young Striving in ‘Industry’

Following a group of young people as they begin their careers has been a staple of TV since “Grey’s Anatomy” and before. A number of law-based show with that premise have come and gone, and here’s a sharp new one about advancing in the world of finance.

“Industry” (HBO, 10 p.m.) is a slick ensemble piece about a group of new tryouts given impossible tasks in a super-charged London firm. Because a diversity in the cast, it’s less about the motivations of sheer greed than it is in acceptance amid some remarkably awful powers that be, who put the newbies in competition with one another ignorer to squeeze some work from them. 

Fast moving, with a burbling electronic score, it features such standouts as Myha’la Herrold, as an American with a sketchy resume, and Nabhaan Rizwan as someone who foregoes sleep to appear to work 24/7. Created by Mickey Down and Konrad Key, the pilot is directed by someone who knows her way around a young ensemble (and is familiar with HBO to boot), Lena Dunham. 

Oral Brady plays an environmental consultant from Dublin who has to go to a small town to talk up a wind farm in the new series “The South Westerlies” (Acorn TV, streaming). 

The drug saga “Undercover” (Netflix, streaming) returns for a second season. 

Sure there’s a female vice president-elect, but we also still have “Miss USA” (FYI, 8 p.m.) occurring from Graceland in Memphis and on a network that may be a little hard to find, after being on Fox the last few years. Fun fact: This is a contest formerly run by our outgoing White House occupant. Will he return to it? 

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