Thursday TV: Ludacris Gets in the Kitchen

The rapper Ludacris wants up up his culinary skills from Chef Meherwan Irani, but the title of his new series indicates he fails on “Luda Can’t Cook” (Discovery+, streaming).

Soleil Moon Frye, who wasn’t all that great as the original Punky Brewster is back and not all that much better in her 40s as a grown up “Punky Brewster” (Peacock, streaming), a single mother who welcomes a foster child into the fold. Cherie Johnson reprises her role as best friend in the rebooted sitcom.

The life of four young roommates in L.A. provide the comedy in the new sitcom “Millennials” (AllBlk, streaming). 

“Floribama Shore” (MTV, 9 p.m.) starts its season by belying its title, as the cast travels to Montana and Arizona. 

The new “She’s the Boss” (USA, 10:30 p.m.) follows marketing entrepreneur Nicole Walters and her husband, a stay-at-home lawyer. 

Weird that “Talking Dead” (AMC+, streaming), the former after show of “The Walking Dead,” now runs four days before the new episodes air on cable (though the 10th season premiere streamed before its cable premiere). 

“Mr. Mayor” (NBC, 8 p.m.) is already reaching its first season finale in an episode about palm tree maintenance. 

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