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The New Fall TV Season: Mondays

The year-round nature of television, dominance of cable and streaming services in providing quality new shows  and the increasing likelihood to have entire seasons binged in single weekends all conspire to make the broadcast networks’  big fall TV season rollout seem more quaint by the year. And yet its still notable that the once prevailing [...]

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One ‘Crazy’ New Fall Show from The CW

The CW closed out the broadcaster’s up fronts Thursday with a schedule that included just one new fall show and another two new titles in midseason. Mostly it continues its current shows, including those that get very low ratings, moving them around a bit. “Reign,” for example, moves to Fridays. Here are the new shows: [...]

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CBS Upfronts: ‘Supergirl,’ Last ‘CSI’

CBS jumps into the superhero game and schedules the last episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” quite early in the season on the new 2015-16 schedule announced Wednesday at the network’s upfronts. With 22 returning shows, the network is bringing just three new dramas and two comedies to the schedule in the fall, with two [...]

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‘Muppets’ Among 10 New Shows for ABC

ABC announced 10 new shows at its upfronts Tuesday in New York, including a couple that sounded a little familiar. “The Muppets” is an update of that series in part from “The Big Bang Theory” producers, and a black remake of “Uncle Buck” starring Mike Epps. Six dramas and four comedies were unveiled at an [...]

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Fox Upfronts: Eight New Shows, Last ‘Idol’

Fox unveiled a new fall schedule with four new comedies, four new dramas Monday as part of the network’s annual upfront rituals in New York. It also announced the final season of “American Idol” and the establishment of its own live musical (of “Grease”), on top of their planned revival of “The X-Files.” Plus there is [...]

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NBC Upfronts: More Than a Dozen New Shows

NBC kicked off the springtime ritual of advertising upfront, with a Sunday event that the first of the network unveiling of their 2015-16 prime time plans. According to its announcement, NBC is adding six new dramas to its roster next season as well as six new comedies. It’s also trying to keep a current comedy, [...]

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Two Sides to ‘The Affair’

It’s a dream cast that fills the alluring new series “The Affair” (Showtime, 10 p.m.). Dominic West (“The Wire,” “The Hour”) plays a writer and teacher, happily married to Maura Tierney (of “ER” and “Newsradio”), and with a gaggle of kids, who finds himself attracted to a waitress at a diner near their Hamptons beach [...]

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The New Fall TV Season: Weekends

There’s no use differentiating Saturday and Sunday in considering the new fall TV lineups: The networks aren’t putting anything new (or interesting) in prime time on Saturday, the night that used to be the week’s showcase a generation or so ago. So everything here is about what’s happening on Sundays, closing our week’s worth of [...]

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The Transcendent ‘Transparent’

The fall’s best new series isn’t on broadcast television, it isn’t on cable, and it even isn’t on Netflix. Sponsored by the company that began as an online bookstore, “Transparent,” which began streaming its first 10 episodes Friday on Amazon Prime, is by far the best thing you’ll see on a small screen this fall. [...]

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The New Fall TV Season: Fridays

We’ve been reviewing the new fall TV offerings each day this week and, as usual, there’s not much left for Fridays, except for a new comedy that would be overlooked except for its Latina point of view and charming star; and a pulpy sci-fi saga that fits in well with other of the nights offerings. [...]

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