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Film Review: From Raleigh, ‘Fever Dreams’

Rob Underhill’s “Fever Dreams” began as a series of episodes for a “Creepshow” type anthology that never got made. Largely written by producer Al Julian (who appears in three of the four episodes (a la another anthology series that inspired him “The Alfred Hitchcock Show”), it’s been playing on and off unchoosy film festivals for […]

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Documentary Reminds: He’s Rick James

More than 20 years after his hitmaking heyday, Rick James became a household name to a whole new generation in 2004 when Dave Chappelle mocked his brash personality with the catchphrase “I’m Rick James, bitch!” The singer was still around and trying to catch a break after drug binges, prison and record company indifference had […]

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Film Review: The Story of the Band Luxury

The indie band Luxury from Georgia gained some mild regional attention in the mid-1990s for mixing the ferocity of punk with the Smiths-like melodicism of its lead singer. What might be most notable about the group now is that three of its five members have since become robe-wearing, incense-waving priests of the Eastern Orthodox Church. […]

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Film Review: Taking ‘Steps’ to Forgiveness

In the opening scenes of Eddie Harris’ screenplay for “Steps,” a man (Rob Morgan) is randomly shot in a robbery outside a Jersey City bodega, is injured enough to lose his job and fall into into alcoholism, which causes him to drunkenly swing at his pregnant wife, sending him out on the streets. Fourteen years […]

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Film Review: ‘Marathon’ Mockumentary

Christopher Guest’s mock documentaries on dog shows and local theater groups are classics in the genre and are likely upper mind to the makers of “Marathon,” a new comedy that applies the same brand of deadpan satire to the world of competitive running. As popular an activity as it seems, running 26 miles already seems […]

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Film Review: A Sensual ‘Touch’ in China

Aleksandra Szczepanowska’s feature debut “Touch” is quite an astounding achievement. It is as once a sleek, seductive peek into a Western woman’s efforts to fit into contemporary Chinese society as well as a glimpse into the fascinating world of blind masseuses, whose sense of touch is assumed to be especially heightened.  And while the title […]

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Film Review: Victoria Justice in ‘Trust’

Though it has gorgeous shots of New York City and glimpses of Paris, with pretty people doing things in the worlds of fine art and broadcast journalism, there’s something of a TV-movie quality to Brian DeCubellis’ latest feature “Trust.” That may because its good looking cast arose from the ranks of television, particularly Victoria Justice […]

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Film: Comedy Meets Horror in ‘Too Late’

For a business aligned with mirth, standup comedy uses an awful lot of terms associated with violence: “You killed out there.” “I bombed.” “I murdered ‘em.” So it might make some sense for a movie set in the L.A. comedy scene to merge with a campy kind of horror. That’s the mash-up in the amusing […]

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Film: A Marriage’s ‘Before/During/After’

Finnerty Steeves is an actress who has put in good work on dozens of stages over the past couple of decades; on Broadway in “Brighton Beach Memoirs”; on TV on “Orange is the New Black” (as Beth the “baby killer”) and in films like “Morning Glory” and “Frances Ha.” Also, a lot of commercials. As […]

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Film Review: Artists’ Angst in ‘Paint’

Considering that it’s the dominant visual medium, it’s crazy there are relatively so few good theatrical movies about art and artists, and fewer still about the contemporary art world.  Michael Walker’s “Paint” looks to change that, following the travails of a trio of young New York painters who recently graduated from art school, and their […]

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