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Film: ‘Donna: Stronger Than Pretty’

You can tell the title character of “Donna: Stronger Than Pretty” is making the wrong choice when she first lays eyes on Nick at the bar, fresh out of a restroom where he had obviously done cocaine. She falls for every corny line he gives her, embraces his ambition for opening a high end flooring […]

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Film: Fracturing the Brain for Science

Eric Schultz’s directorial debut, “Minor Premise,” is a nifty puzzle, a scientific thriller that doesn’t insult the intelligence with any superfluous corn, Instead, the scientific aspect is cranked way up. Sathya Sridharan portrays a driven neuroscientist on the verge of a breakthrough. Building on and hoping to complete research begun by his father, he applies […]

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Film: When a Documentary Goes Wrong

What if everyone could make a movie? When Zachary Capp got an unexpected inheritance following his grandfather’s death, he decided, fresh out of rehab for a gambling addiction, to turn his obsessions elsewhere: To make a film about something, anything.  He quit his lucrative nanny business and embarked on a documentary that turned into “The […]

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Film Review: ‘Effigy — Poison and the City’

In the early 19th century northern Germany, so many bodies were dying around the widow Gosche Gottfried, she earned a measure of sympathy. Men were also attracted to her even as they, too, began to drop or feel a little ill.  Nobody had a word for serial killing back then; instead they termed it “murderous […]

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Film: Even Jesus Can’t Save This ‘Tulsa’

Scott Pryor describes himself as an attorney, Marine, actor, producer, director and writer — in that order. So it figures that in his vanity project Tulsa — where he has credits for writing, directing and production for a film studio that he also owns — his own acting seems to strive for the nuances of […]

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Film: Melting Into a Brain Malady

The last time Dana Ashbrook grabbed your attention it was probably as Laura Palmer’s boyfriend Bobby Briggs in Twin Peaks (who became a sheriff’s deputy in the 2017 revival). But he’s got a different mystery to figure out in the independent production Ice Cream in the Cupboard, in which he plays a husband dealing with […]

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