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Thursday TV: Whole Lot of Cooking

The finals kick off on “Top Chef” (Bravo, 9 p.m.), and since they are in Mexico finalists John Tesar, Shirley Chung and Sheldon Simeon must cook goat and make margaritas. Meanwhile the Top 20 chefs are revealed on “MasterChef Junior” (Fox, 8 p.m.) and they get to work on steak, lobster and cupcakes. And it’s [...]

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Wednesday TV: Katherine Heigl Tries Again

Katherine Heigl never quite found her TV footing after leaving “Grey’s Anatomy” but she tries again in “Doubt” (CBS, 10 p.m.), a new legal yarn made needlessly complicated by her own dalliance with her client, Steven Pasquale (who has had his own trouble keeping a network series), several side plots, and a way too big [...]

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‘Tower’ Focuses on Mass Shooting Victims

Public television presents a rather grim Valentine’s Day by documenting two notorious U.S. shootouts. The better of them can be found in Keith Maitland’s sensitive “Tower” making its TV debut on “Independent Lens” (PBS, 10 p.m., check local listings). It rises above the usual way to handle one of the first cases of mass shooting [...]

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Also on Tuesday: Martyring Ruby Ridge

Never has there been so many films about white supremacists on public television as there are this Black History Month. Following a documentary Monday about a man who sits down with KKK members to find their humanity, here’s a followup of Barak Goodman’s film last week about the rise of the white extremists that led [...]

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Monday TV: Eagles of Death Metal Fly

Survivors of a concert targeted by terrorists in Paris in Nov 2015 that killed 89, the American rock band the Eagles of Death Metals resolves to return to France to complete the concert three months later — a year ago this Thursday. The emotional return of the Palm Springs band — as well as its [...]

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Sunday TV: Corden Hosts The Grammys

Framing The 59th Annual Grammy Awards (CBS, 8 p.m.) as a battle between single-named divas Beyonce and Adele makes it sound so 2015. More than the awards though, will be the performances framed by explosives and all of the tribute segments required, including Prince, George Michael and the Bee Gees. Hosting is James Corden, the [...]

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Saturday TV: Image Awards, Alec Baldwin

Yesterday, he hosted his first animal talk show. Tonight, Anthony Anderson of “Blackish” is host of The 48th NCAAP Image Awards (TVOne, 9 p.m.) live from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Beyoncé, Viola Davis, Regina King, Dwayne Johnson and Chance the Rapper are up for entertainer of the year. Harvard Law Professor Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. will [...]

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Friday TV: The Return of David Brent

Sometimes I wonder about the original UK version of “The Office” and what David Brent is up to now, he’ brought up to date in the new special “David Brent: Life on the Road” (Netflix, streaming). He’s back in sales, but part of the traveling salesmen crew, not the boss. Ricky Gervais’ ever-annoying character has [...]

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We Interrupt This News for Comedy

News is so frantic and often dire, it’s an odd time to break in with a new eight-part documentary series “The History of Comedy” (CNN, 10 p.m.). But maybe that’s exactly what we need. At any rate, the history begins with the battle over censorship, and so of course includes Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and [...]

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Hawley’s Mind-Blowing New ‘Legion’

I grew out of superhero stories about the time I hit adulthood, so there’s little in the current crush of TV series from Marvel and DC to be of interest. At least until tonight’s “Legion” (FX, 10 p.m.). That’s solely because of the genius behind it, Noah Hawley, who adhered to Cohen Brothers codes when [...]

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