Other Things I’ve Written Lately

  • An interview with country star Miranda Lambert about a hard year and the Hag, for The Washington Post
  •  A look at a Library of Congress exhibit on the early work of muckraking photographer Jacob Riis, also for the Post.
  •  Grace Gummer talks about her new role on the second season of “Mr. Robot,” for the Hartford Courant.
  •  Marshall Crenshaw discusses plans to make a documentary about legendary ‘60s record producer Tom Wilson.
  • Details about the “Gilmore Girls” reboot coming to Netflix in November, for the Courant.
  • A chat with Spinderella, the groundbreaking DJ for Salt-N-Pepa.
  • A thing about a new fall comedy on ABC, “American Housewife” that was originally titled “The Second fattest wife in Westport.”
  • A Q&A with Junior Marvin about playing with Bob Marley and not being Junior Murvin.
  • Catching up with Clyde Phillips of “Dexter” and “Nurse Jackie fame,” about his latest show, “Feed the Beast.”
  • Enumerating a dollhouse exhibit at the National Building Museum.


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