Other Things I’ve Written Lately

Here are some other things I’ve written elsewhere lately:

  • STUART, Gilbert/1811_ 2A story for Smithsonian Magazine on the restored Landsdowne portrait of George Washington at the National Portrait Gallery that rejected my headline: “You’ll Wonder Where the Yellow Went, When You See the Restored President.”
  • A review of Mozart’s most Masonic opera, performed at a Masonic Temple.
  • A firsthand report on the Summer of Yoko at Washington’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.
  • A review of a powerful play about human trafficking.
  • A peek at a new Buddhist exhibition opening at the renovated Sackler Gallery.
  • Something about another new exhibit at the Sackler has the work of a contemporary Indian sculptor.
  • An interview for Vinyl District with the man who performs as Hammell on Trial.
  • A review of of a play by “the Tennessee Williams of Transylvania.”
  • Looking at a new exhibit of miniature models of grand projects by Soviet pair.
  • An interview with singer songwriter Steve Earle on his new album for Songfacts.com.
  • A preview of a new track by Jimmy Lumpkin for Vinyl District.
  • A story on the recently acquired video piece about an artist who asks his mother to spit on him.
  • These reviews of concerts that did appear here, but not with these fine pictures — Daniel Johnston, Randy Newman, Kim Gordon, Arcade Fire, Ted Leo and Steve Earle.
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