Other Things I’ve Written Lately

baselitzHere are some other things I’ve written this summer:

  • A walk through a retrospective of Georg Baselitz for Smithsonian Magazine.com.
  • A feature on the rise of the intimacy consultant in theaters, for The Washington Post.
  • A list of the five best episodes of the original “Mission: Impossible” for TV Guide
  • For the Washington Post Express, a snapshot of a new show at the National Gallery of Art.
  • A chat with Geoff Downes of Yes for Vinyl District.com.
  • A story about a new survey of the chilling art of Trevor Paglen.
  • A review of a Second City production of “Generation Cap” at the Kennedy Center.
  • An interview with Dave Wakeling of the English Beat.
  • A story on how dance keeps the Armenian community together
  • And, to tie into a Folklife Festival salute to Armenia, a look at the splashy holiday Vardavar
  • A review of a world premiere of a play about pool discrimination, playing not far from where it happened.
  • An opera review of a couple of works.
  • My reviews of these shows have appeared here, but not with these spectacular pictures of U2 and Taylor Swift.
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