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Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit at Wolf Trap

Americana kingpin Jason Isbell is always a gracious frontman and performer. But he had to stop his show with his band The 400 Unit a couple of times Tuesday at Wolf Trap in Virginia to take in what he was seeing: a nearly full outdoor amphitheater packed with fans who had been waiting as long […]

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Film Review: From Raleigh, ‘Fever Dreams’

Rob Underhill’s “Fever Dreams” began as a series of episodes for a “Creepshow” type anthology that never got made. Largely written by producer Al Julian (who appears in three of the four episodes (a la another anthology series that inspired him “The Alfred Hitchcock Show”), it’s been playing on and off unchoosy film festivals for […]

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NSO’s Labor Day Concert with Ben Folds

The pandemic has thrown traditional events like the National Symphony Orchestra’s annual Labor Day concert for a loop for two years running. Held for years on the West Lawn of the Capitol, it had to be broadcast last year to an audience parked at RFK stadium, watching on screens and listening to their car radios. […]

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Monica’s Story Told in ‘Impeachment’

The title of Ryan Murphy’s latest installation in his anthology series “Impeachment: American Crime Story” (FX, 10 p.m.) gets to the heart of the lurid issues of the Clinton White House. Did the affair that occurred between the president and intern Monica Lewinsky constitute a crime — or one worthy of impeachment? Most of its […]

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Willie Nile Finally Returns to Rock

Willie Nile’s pent up energy for getting back on the road was fairly palpable in his show Saturday at the Hamilton in D.C. Originally scheduled for April 2020, it had been postponed by the pandemic to summer that year, then to April this year to finally this late summer date 16 months later.  In the […]

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Elizabeth Cook, Waylon Payne Perform

Elizabeth Cook could well be the best of the legion of DJs on Sirius XM. Her weekday “Apron Strings” show on the Outlaw Country channel reflects her personality, as she speaks frankly and sometimes brashly about her life, her musician friends, and everyday hard knocks in her engaging twang. She’d bring that same charm to […]

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The Native Humor of ‘Reservation Dogs’

From the Taika Waititi school of deadpan comedy (with touches of magical realism) that brought us “What We Do in the Shadows” and “Wellington Paranormal” comes “Reservation Dogs” (Hulu, streaming), a terrific comedy about kids on an Oklahoma reservation itching to get out. Most of the credit for the show comes from Sterlin Harjo, who […]

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Film Review: The Story of the Band Luxury

The indie band Luxury from Georgia gained some mild regional attention in the mid-1990s for mixing the ferocity of punk with the Smiths-like melodicism of its lead singer. What might be most notable about the group now is that three of its five members have since become robe-wearing, incense-waving priests of the Eastern Orthodox Church. […]

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Film Review: Taking ‘Steps’ to Forgiveness

In the opening scenes of Eddie Harris’ screenplay for “Steps,” a man (Rob Morgan) is randomly shot in a robbery outside a Jersey City bodega, is injured enough to lose his job and fall into into alcoholism, which causes him to drunkenly swing at his pregnant wife, sending him out on the streets. Fourteen years […]

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The Sublimely Weird ‘Ultra City Smiths’

It seems I’ve spent a lot of my time as a TV critic talking up the series of Steven Conrad, because his “Patriot” and “Perpetual Grace LTD” were so quirky and different and fun, but also because they needed the boost. Most people may have still not heard of them. Things are not likely to […]

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