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Trocks: Accomplished Men in Tights

It’s a long way from a cramped second-floor loft in lower Manhattan to the splendors of the Kennedy Center Opera House with a full orchestra. But that’s what has happened to Les Ballets Trockadaro de Monte Carlo, a troupe that began as kind of a joke – men in tutus! – Diaghliev in drag! – [...]

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Two Nights, 50 Songs: Magnetic Fields

The Magnetic Fields has been known to write a whole lot of songs about one subject, the prime example being the epic “69 Love Songs” that came on three discs and a boxed set in 1999. The 2004 album “I” had songs all starting with the letter i. Now, bandleader and writer Stephin Merritt accepted [...]

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Less Political Leno at Kennedy Center

What would have happened if Jay Leno were still hosting “The Tonight Show” today? The longest monologue in late night would probably have been Trump heavy, with every day’s twist ripe for the same kind of sharpened commentary it gets nightly from Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Conan O’Brien and Trevor Noah, as [...]

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Dan Baird, Eric Ambel at Hill Country

It wasn’t just the overhyped blizzard that bedeviled gigs along the Eastern Seaboard last week. There were also more mundane barriers, like the missing drain plug in the oil tank of Eric Ambel’s Suburban  that drained it just before he was to drive from New York for a gig at D.C.’s Hill Country BBQ Thursday. [...]

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Stage Review: ‘Mrs. Miller Does Her Thing’

Bad singers make interesting stories. After Meryl Streep got an Oscar nomination for her role as the classical world’s “Florence Foster Jenkins,” last year, here comes Broadway’s Debra Monk, warbling the pop repertoire of a mid-1960s musical misfit in a new musical full of Great White Way pedigree. No less than Pulitzer Prize winner James [...]

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A ‘Feud’ That Illuminates Women’s Roles

Delicious for its melding of Hollywood lore and golden age gossip, done up with a lavishness that is 10 times the budget of the pulpy film it portrays, “Feud: Bette and Joan” (FX, 10 p.m.) is the series of the season, as smart and irresistible in its way as Ryan Murphy’s “American Crime Story: The [...]

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John Doe Stands Alone at Jammin Java

It’s a long road from the throbbing epicenter of Los Angeles punk origins to an acoustic Tuesday night gig at a suburban Northern Virginia strip mall. But John Doe has made that road work for him, turning his fame in the occasionally revived X to a solid solo career of dusty, windswept Americana. Those songs [...]

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Review: Lee Fields & the Expressions

Round about showtime Saturday night, as the backing band the Expressions were churning out the cool and lightly funky sounds of the past, the way serious students from Greenpoint, Brooklyn could do, in their matching paisley tux jackets, out came the front man in his sparkly blue tux jacket. Lee Fields was taking that long [...]

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Theatre Review: ‘Trevor’ at 1st Stage

Living in Connecticut eight years ago when a chimp being kept as a pet ripped the face off a neighbor, it was tough to see anything but stark horror in the attack. But there was a wealth of absurdity in the case of Travis, who appeared in TV commercials, occasionally drove the car and liked [...]

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Hawley’s Mind-Blowing New ‘Legion’

I grew out of superhero stories about the time I hit adulthood, so there’s little in the current crush of TV series from Marvel and DC to be of interest. At least until tonight’s “Legion” (FX, 10 p.m.). That’s solely because of the genius behind it, Noah Hawley, who adhered to Cohen Brothers codes when [...]

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