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Stage Review: ‘Kiss’ at Woolly Mammoth

I wish you could see “Kiss” at Woolly Mammoth Theatre the way I did: Without a lot of advance insight, no prior research and only the vague knowledge it was an adaptation of a foreign play. That explained what appeared to be a light romantic play of star-crossed partners, with somewhat stilted lines and melodramatic [...]

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Stage Review: ‘Year of Magical Thinking’

One of the failings of human beings is the hesitance to visit those who have lost loved ones. We wonder about the right thing to say when the actual requirement is to be present and to listen. That’s all that’s asked of audience members for “The Year of Magical Thinking,” Joan Didion’s adaptation of her [...]

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Stage Review: ‘An Iliad’ at Taffety Punk

By now the world is used to inhumane aberrations like ten-year wars. But back when Homer wrote his epic poem, it was still something to rage about, as he did about the siege of Troy by the Greeks in the Trojan War. The ancient Greek war survives now mostly as a vague memory about a [...]

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Review: ‘Be Awesome: Theatrical Mixtape’

Music streaming services allow kids these days to put together digital playlists for every mood or activity. Once, not so long ago, it was a more hand-crafted effort to put together a series of heartfelt songs on handmade, personalized cassette tapes, often intended to capture a moment, resonate a mood or woo a potential girlfriend. [...]

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Review: ‘The Last Schwartz’ at Theater J

“The Last Schwartz,” a play that’s perfectly suited for Theater J, is certainly a familiar trope for its audience: Somebody brings home a non-Jewish women to a solemn family occasion fraught with religious underpinnings. She’s a shiksa, in other words, though that somewhat derisive Yiddish term is not used. Her cluelessness is so gleefully generalized [...]

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Stage Review: ‘Cloud 9′ at Studio Theatre

If Studio Theatre has a go-to playwright, it’s been Caryl Churchill, the award-winning British innovator and provocateur, whose season-opening “Cloud 9″ at the theater is as brash and challenging as anything on area stages, and yet was first written over 30 years ago. Perhaps the world has caught up with Churchill enough to make a [...]

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What I Saw at the Capital Fringe Festival

Got to see nearly a dozen productions at this year’s Capital Fringe Festival. Which sounds like a lot but is only a fraction of the 130 shows produced. At any rate, here are the reviews of what I saw over the last three weeks that I wrote for The Washington Post. A history of the [...]

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On Stage: UCB’s ‘We Know How You Die!’

New York’s UCB Theatre, which grew out of a small group of comics you know in the Upright Citizens Brigade, now contains hundreds of performers you don’t know putting on scores of different comedies, sketch shows, online shows and all manner of improv shows at what are now a handful of stages. They’ve sent squads [...]

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Theatre Review: ‘Hand to God’ at Studio

The long ride up the elevator to Studio Theater’s Stage 4 is certainly rewarded in the regional premiere of Robert Askins’ Broadway hit “Hand to God.” Here, the lift of a curtain simply won’t do; instead, visitors become instant parishioners, given a program that looks like a newsletter from the fictional Mount Logan Lutheran Church [...]

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Sneak Peek at the Capital Fringe Festival

With more than 130 different productions being staged over three weeks at 20 different venues, the Capital Fringe festival can be an overwhelming undertaking. To ease the avalanche of choices coming next month, Fringe has produced not only a 66 page catalog cross referencing the possibilities, but throws a one night preview in which more [...]

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