Carrie Fisher Does ‘Wishful Drinking’

Carrie Fisher, who presents her “Wishful Drinking” special on HBO Sunday, says that indeed her mother, Debbie Reynolds has seen it.


“Well, I’m out of the will” she deadpanned. “But she doesn’t have any money anyway.”

Actually, she said, “my mom is like any mother. She’s actually glad that I’m doing this kind of show because she thinks it’s kind of like a night club, so I finally can understand her.

 rebellion all my life was not doing a night club act.
Not drugs, all that stuff was fine. But the night club act thing, she’s happy about that. No, I cleared everything I say in it about anybody with those buddies, because I didn’t want to make people as uncomfortable.”

She’s even able to laugh at the parts about the part where Elizabeth Taylor took away her dad Eddie Fisher from Reynolds.

“It’s not like she’s oblivious to the humor of the situation,” Fisher says of her mother. “It was 51 or 52 years 

Besides, she told reporters at press tour last summer, she’s got her own punchlines about it:

“The last time I
saw him he went out to get some cigarettes and he hasn’t
come back since” and I said, “Where did you go, down the

That she did a stage show that is now a film is something of a miracle, Fisher says.

“I mean, I had stage fright. I had stage fright most of my life. It was things my parents’ did. They put me in their shows and stuff, and I sang. They had me sing. And I was just terrified. I didn’t ever go into show business. The trick would have been to stay out. So, you know, I was singing in her show. And so I never would have thought I would be doing a show. I preferred writing, and the sort of solitariness of it. And it took getting older to realize that I was sort of a spectacle anyway.”

Though the special was filmed in June, and includes a lot of material about her dad, not much of it changed after he died in September.

“My dad was never really in my life. I saw him more on TV than on the planet,” Fisher said. But she ended up having a good relationship in recent years. “Seriously, you would love my father. “

“Wishful Drinking” premieres on HBO Sunday at 10 p.m.

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