Why ‘The Simpsons’ are Yellow

David Silverman, the longest serving director on “The Simpsons” and director of record on the “Simpsons” movies says the family – and most of the townspeople of Springfield – are of that hue because Bart, Lisa and Maggie are blondes. And animators were hesitant to add a hairline to the early character designs of Matt Groening.

A color stylist came up with the idea of using yellow as bridge between hair and skin.

At the time, it didn’t seem so different than the other wild colors in the early “Simpsons” that included purple trees and interiors of pink and green.

The pink and green colors stayed even as the purple trees made way for more natural colors.

“Yellow is a great color,” showrunner Al Jean says. “It attracts people. Flipping through the channels, people almost always stop on the ‘The Simpsons’ automatically.”

Enough people have watched for the show to enter its 23rd season this year – a record among modern entertainment.

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