Locating ‘Suburgatory’

The new fall sitcom from ABC, “Suburgatory” shows the scary side of a teen moving from New York City to a suburb that looks an awful lot to be the gold coast of Connecticut according to a map in the premiere’s intro.

“We were just trying to make sort of vague and ambiguous, because it is a fictional town,” creator Emily Kapnek says.

The new show, starring Jane Levy, Jeremy Sisto, Cheryl Hines and Rex Lee, is based on Kapnek’s own up bringing.

“I moved to the suburbs, Westchester, just outside of Manhattan, I think I was in the fifth grade,” Kapnek told writers on the final day of the TV Critics Press Tour Monday in Beverly Hills. “And, you know, the circumstances were not dissimilar from our main characters’ in that I had a single working mom. I also had an older sister, and two of us definitely went through a bit of culture shock.

“I think in New York we were probably pretty confident city kids, and we were sort of transported to a town where families didn’t look like ours and we certainly didn’t have as much as they did. And, you know, it was it was traumatic, but good, because obviously, you know, we sort of took a lot of that for this show,” she said.

The town itself is “not really meant to be Westchester.” Instead, she invented a suburb with white picket fences and malls. “Ours is the town of Chatswin,” Kapnek says. “You won’t find it on the map.”

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