The Working Unemployed on Vacation

One of those random polls in USA Today this week asked: Is vacation a break from work?

The graphic showed that 46 percent work during vacation, 35 percent don’t work and 19 percent are unemployed.

It didn’t have a space for people who are both unemployed and working during vacation. Which is the sort of thing I’ve been doing on this blog, keeping up the daily TV highlights and a story here and there despite the fact I’m out on vacation – and haven’t worked at The Courant in a month.

Not sure why I’m still doing this and not sure even how many people are reading. But I’m afraid to let readers down if there are any out there.

On another day this week, USA Today’s even more random poll said people are perfectly split 50-50 on whether that having a smartphone (presumably on vacation) makes it easier to relax or more difficult. It was a Princess Cruises relaxation Report survey of 1,005 adults – which means it couldn’t have been perfectly split. I saw the polls in actual newspapers though (vacation is about the only time I have to really read them) and not on smartphone.

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