World Peace Eliminated

Athletes are usually the ones who go the farthest on “Dancing with the Stars.” With the natural instinct toward training and winning – and the likelihood that they’re already in teriffic shape, they have huge advantage over mere actors, models or reality show hasbeens looking to further their career.

Fully half the winners over the years have been athletes.; four others have finished scond.

But there was something so hateful about Ron Artest – who legally changed his name to Metta World Peace a week before the competition, dyed his hair (and Fu Manchu mustache blonde (except for some part that he dyed Metta World Peace in Hebrew) and generally acted all sleazy during his cha cha cha. He was not only the earliest athlete to go home in the show’s 13th seasons, he was also the first to have the lowest average score when he did so.

Judges hated his dance so much it awarded him a 14. Only 10 people in show history have ever scored lower. And the home audience must have hated it equally.

Artest, er, World Peace was sent home on the first results show of the young season, with Rob Kardashian and Nancy Grace also in the bottom three. They’re both prime candidates to go – though “Dancing” never makes it clear whether they were actually had the lowest vote totals.

The reaction to being rejected was just as odd: Artest put his hands in the air and said “Yes! Yes!”

It made for a short season, too, for first time professional dancer Peta Murgatroid. Who may want to change her name to Heavensta.

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