‘Free Agents,’ ‘H8R’ Pulled from Fall Schedules

A couple more stinkers have been pulled from the fall network schedules, just a couple of episodes into their runs.

“Free Agents,” a flat remake of a British comedy about a pair of co-workers who have an affair, was pulled from the schedule by NBC, which had earlier yanked the first failure of the fall season, “The Playboy Club.”

And then “H8R,” a reality show that drew its own brand of hate from critics, was also canceled, marking yet another reality show failure for The CW. Its premise was confronting people who declared dislike for celebrities on the internet or elsewhere and presenting the celebrity in question.

The CW will fill the Wednesday night slot with replays of its Tuesday show, “Ringer.”

NBC has yet to announce what it will do with the Wednesday night “Free Agents” time slot.

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