After four seasons of “Jersey Shore,” you’d expect they’d graduate to something else, like the young people (presumably) around their age who might have spent those years in classrooms instead of discos.

But the season finale Thursday showed the group no better than they were as freshmen, partying too much, not being smart, and acting childish. It’s so tiring to watch by now; it must be tiring to be them as well.

What was most frustrating about this season wasn’t just what a jerk Mike was being, or that he got into a fight with Ronnie (only to get out of it by bashing his own head into the stone wall); that Snooki couldn’t imagine why her boyfriend was mad at her for flashing him (and the rest of the nightclub) on their first night out; or that Deena went home with twin sisters.

It was that they didn’t take advantage of being in Florence, Italy at all – staying mostly in their room when they weren’t going to the clubs, or the kind of pizza place that might have been in Jersey for all its charm. Don’t they know the best food in the world is there?

It was only the last day they were there when they decided (or it was suggested to them by producers) that they actually go out and see the city. When Vinny calls a local tourist guide, who asks them whether they’re more interested in art or history, everybody goes blank.

Sad to say, they’re not interested in any of that. Instead, they’re interested in gym, tanning and laundry, which is why they were so excited to go back to Seaside Heights. Just don’t make us go back there with them.