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Set to Fall: B-Listers in ABC’s ‘Splash’

The new low in reality TV is diving, where already B-level names purposely dive even lower in order to get on network TV. Weeks after a Fox special “Stars in Peril: The High Dive” did its own headlong dive into low ratings (with 3.4 million viewers and only 1.3 million among the 18-49 demographic, the lowest […]

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Friday TV: Shakespeare defeats Spartacus

Four hundred years after he was the top of his game, there’s still no beating Shakespeare. And a new PBS series is the next best thing to an actual production of one of his classics; it’s actors who are smitten with his work talking about it, investigating it, tracking down the real stories behind the […]

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Some Twists for ‘The Office’

“The Office” has been on so long, they’re still finding old pranks Jim had elaborately constructed for Dwight years ago that he hadn’t found yet. Such was the case in the cold open when Dwight happens upon a treasure map from the company founder and follows its various clues to a secret golden chalice. Jim, […]

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