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Wednesday TV: ‘Survivor’ In, ‘Brother’ Out

One of the better episodes each season on “Survivor” (CBS, 8 p.m.) ┬áis the ones where loved ones come visit and maybe help compete in a challenge. The whole of the new season — it’s 27th — is based on this, with returning players playing opposite loved ones. That means some players who have been […]

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Rockin’ with Dan Baird at the Iota

Amid a blistering rock ‘n’ roll performance by Dan Baird and Homemade Sin among other grey hairs holding a torch, one must wonder: Where has Baird been all these years? The answer seems to be Europe, where they appreciate his hard-charging genre-shredding rock ‘n’ roll the same way the Continent appreciated classic American forms from […]

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WNO Math: ‘Tristan + Isolde’ – Voigt

The problem with building an opera around a star is that sometimes, the star will falter. So even as the cover of the Washington National Opera Playbill of “Tristan and Isolde” shows Deborah Voigt’s picture and the program itself lists her as star, with artistic director Francesca Zambello promising an “incomparable artist,” Voigt herself had […]

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