Other Things I’ve Written Lately

Here are some other things I’ve written lately:

  • A long Q&A with Richard Hell for The Vinyl District.
  • A story marking the 50th anniversary of TV’s “All in the Family” for Smithsonian Magazine.com
  • Review of a virtual production of “Mothers and Sons.”
  • A story about women who were active in the pioneering days of video art and helped create the SoHo artists community.
  • Preview of a conference on the vinyl industry, which has actually been boosted by the pandemic.
  • Good news about the future of pandas at The National Zoo.
  • Sampling a decent new Christmas album.
  • Review of a streamed version of “An Irish Carol” at Keegan Theatre.
  • One of the last interviews with the Puerto Rican artist Adál, which was was republished in January after news emerged of his death. 
  • Review of a decent audio version of “A Christmas Carol” from Ford’s Theatre.
  • Review of some experimental theater from Woolly Mammoth, “The Jook Joynt.”
  • A review of a play from the Adrienne Kennedy festival put on by “Round House Theatre in Bethesda.
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