Capital Radio, 2-28-22: Mardi Gras and War

It seemed at first a dichotomy impossible to resolve: The possibility of celebration amid the darkness of world events. But the music of Mardi Gras could also serve as respite from the maddening war.

Began with the sounds of New Orleans on the verge of Fat Tuesday before moving to musical reactions to wars past, from Iraq and the Gulf back to Vietnam and World War II, when Woody Guthrie celebrated a Ukrainian ant-fascist fighter. There was two songs from him, another two from Dylan, and three with Tom Waits before Edwin Starr issued his timeless declaration.

Remembered the music of artists as varied as Sandy Nelson, Gary Brooker, Mark Lanegan and Sally Kellerman. Highlighted artists from the Tibet House Benefit Concert this week and the “Nuggets” from Lenny Kaye.

Here’s where you can hear the archived show; the playlist follows:

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