Emmanuel Macron’s decisive win for French president over his right wing opponent is all it took to celebrate France, Paris and the French language for an hour or so. When you’re playing French pop, I learned very quickly, there’s no getting away from Serge Gainsbourg and Françoise Hardy.

Then, building off of last week’s emphasis on songs with whistling — how about songs with flutes? So yes, there was Ian Anderson and Tim Weisberg (on a Monkees cut) but also unsung flautists from Joe Farrell, Chris Wood, Moe Koffman and Ian McDonald to Andy Kulberg, Bobbi Humphrey, Charles Miller, Bud Shank and Jim Hoke on tracks by Traffic, Kacey Musgraves, Curtis Mayfield, Donovan and Stevie Wonder, among many more. And The Beastie Boys seems to have created a whole cottage industry around an old track by The Blues Project.

Listen to the full archived show here. The setlist follows: